Seasonal Dockage at Wickford Marina...

Although our average slip is 43 feet with six feet of water, our slips range in size from 24 feet to 100 feet. Virtually all are floating and the space between slips is ample to provide for easy entry. About half of our boats here are sail, half power. Our rates which are unchanged in about six years vary between about $130 per foot to about $145 per foot, depending on location within the marina. Our price list for slips is published and available to all guests. Payment terms are: 25% deposit, 25% January, and 50% by May 1st.

Present marina guests always have first choice on the best slips as they come available in the fall. If you wish to be on our waiting list, please phone us (401 294 8160) and give us some basic information such as Name, Address, phone, e-mail address, boat brand and size, draft, age of boat.

Even though most slips are rented for the next season around October first, slips come available throughout the year. When a slip comes available in season, we often rent it "balance of season" at a proportional rate compared to the full season price.


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